Tuesday, August 26, 2008

why there was no flashback friday last week...

last week i didn't get around to posting a flashback friday. i know how disappointed you were not to see another dorky photo of me. :) well, we were extremely busy trying to fit the last week of "summer" in before school started. we had activity pools to go to with friends, swimming in our own pool, running errands...you know, all that good stuff! plus, friday was a hectic day! my mom flew in on friday to spend just 2 days with us before heading out on sunday to spend the week in lake tahoe with my dad who is there for work. then she's heading back here for a week with us. but friday it was to the airport to pick her up, come home for lunch, i worked on getting our picnic ready for the evening while lauryn napped & g'ma played with isaac. then it was off to isaac's school for the "meet & greet" where we got to see his classroom & meet his teacher for the first time. the kids also got to choose a book from the book fair thanks to g'ma. after that, we headed home to get ready for our evening at the spring mountain ranch theater. we packed up the truck with pillows, blankets, jackets, lawn chair, wagon, coolers full of fried chicken that dennis made, fruit & dip, veggies & dip, cheese & crackers, cake, & drinks. we met our friend susan out there for the evening. it was a delight to arrive there around 6:00 & feel the cooler air. it wasn't cool by any means, it just wasn't 105! we met our friend susan who brought a yummy broccoli salad to go with all of our food. we stuffed ourselves then relaxed for a bit until the show "aida" began. it was a very good show, from what dennis could see what with the people in front of us on the low-slung chairs & ginormous cooler in the way. the lawn chairs should be off to the side so everyone else on blankets can see! anyway, here are some photos from our wonderful day & evening!

isaac & ms. lingatong

g'ma with her favorite grandkids in las vegas!

susan & isaac ~ she brought isaac a new book for a "starting kindergarten gift". how sweet!

dennis & me enjoying the beautiful evening & the sky full of stars.

when the show began, g'ma headed to the lawn chair just off to the side. lolo sat with her for quite awhile before finding her way back to our blankets.

the kids were exhausted after our busy day & fell asleep on the way home.


Jerolyn said...

that's a cute picture of you and Dennis!

Mama Bear said...

Nothing cuter than kids falling asleep in cars with their heads all wonky. Don't know how they can sleep like that. I'd be walking crooked for a week.

Rissa said...

I'm with Jerolyn. That's the picture that STARTED the tears today, cuz you know I can't make it through your blog without crying! I just love seeing you two so much in love, and knowing exactly how it feels. Yay, us!

Rebecca said...

How fun that you got a picture of Isaac with his teacher. I didn't even think of doing that! Glad his first day was so fun!