Saturday, September 18, 2010

isaac ~ fall soccer 2010

so as you can see, i have pretty much fallen off the blog wagon. i have not looked at anyone else's blogs for the past year and haven't posted since last fall's soccer season. let's see if i can get back in the swing of things...even if just a bit here and there.
isaac had his second game of the season today. it was a hot one folks! the game was in the middle of the afternoon in 100 degree heat. i'm so ready for the weather to start changing. this should be the hottest game of the season.
yesterday we received in the mail our new FLIPvideo camera that we finally got around to ordering. that made me happy since dennis was going to miss isaac's game because he had to leave town for a fight. even better, lauryn got to play with her friend ellie while the game was going on so i was free to shoot without any interruption.
isaac scored 2 goals today ~ one with his left foot! i managed to only record 1 of the goals (sorry) and here it is...