Sunday, November 7, 2010

lauryn turns 5, part deux


game number one: pop balloons & get the prize inside (a ring or a coin). the person with the most rings when all balloons are popped wins! lauryn chose to sit this out & watch everyone else struggle with the popping of balloons.

game number 2: musical chairs...need i say more? lauryn decided to sit this one out as well & be the dj with her new hello kitty cd/karaoke machine. the 2 sisters, destiny & allison, in the left corner were the big winners for the 2 games.

here is the birthday cake i made for lauryn. i purchased one of those silicone giant cupcake molds. it worked like a charm...although it inadvertently resembled strawberry shortcake's house more than a giant cupcake. it was a yellow butter cake mix complete with cheesecake can it not be good?

lauryn turns 5...

where did the last 5 years go??? all of a sudden, lauryn is 5! she has been looking forward to her birthday for over a month. her excitement has been infectious. we have all been happy for her, cheering her on her last few days of being 4. her birthday fell on a thursday so we got our day started early with her opening gifts from family.

boy, did she hit the strawberry shortcake and hello kitty jackpot! that evening, we went out to eat as a family to her second favorite restaurant, olive garden (her first being del taco...which she only orders chips & nacho cheese when there). yes, she goes all out at olive garden ordering buttered spaghetti with parmesan cheese.

about a month ago, lauryn decided against the chuck e. cheese party that she'd been planning since she turned 4 because she had a better idea....have a "strawberry shortcake limbo party" at the house instead. i liked the idea from an economic stand point but all the running around & cleaning to prepare is for the birds! but it was a success & lauryn had a blast. that's all that counts, right?