Sunday, March 22, 2009

my baby

8:45 pm was drawing near & it was time to finally shut down for the day and watch the amazing race. last season, isaac would hear it begin from his room and find an excuse to come join us. and we would gladly oblige! since little league baseball has gotten under way, we've been very busy and isaac is generally pretty tired out when it's time to go to bed. so needless to say, he was sleeping pretty much as soon as his head hit the pillow tonight. lauryn on the other hand was the one who heard us & needed mommy to "rock her". since i hardly get any time with her anymore, i quickly grabbed her out of bed & cuddled with her for the next 45 minutes. it made my heart happy! here are some recent photos of my baby.

here she is in her pajamas for a night: raiders jersey, pajama pants, & knit slippers - all of various colors. :)

g'ma & g'pa sent a pkg. a fewweeks ago filled with goodies. one of the things lauryn got was this cute dress. she immediately had to put it on. she looks so big in this picture.

she "needed" her nails painted & here she is waiting for them to dry.
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oh, i love her!