Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the wonders of tylenol p.m.

the other night i decided i would take 1 tylenol p.m. after a few nights where i didn't feel like i slept so well. every now & then i'll take the tylenol when i feel like i need to catch some good zzz's. lately, with my busy schedule, i'll go to bed with my head swimming of "to do" lists. then i proceed to have silly dreams all throughout the night & tend to wake up exhausted. so, with the miracle of modern medicine, i fell into a deep sleep. apparrently, later in the night, lauryn was having a coughing fit. i was somewhat aware of it but couldn't really drag myself out of my stupor. luckily for me, i knew my husband would take care of her. the next day dennis told me of our conversation in the night. it went like this:

d: if lauryn wakes up again and i don't hear her, just wake me up & i'll go help her.

j: k.

a little while later...

j: (sitting up in bed) i hear her! i hear her! she's throwing up!!!

d: jen, that isn't lauryn. it's the dogs barking next door.

j: oh...(then i promptly fell back to sleep).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

happy birthday my boy!

today isaac is 6!

we celebrated on saturday since there was no way we could swing a party today, on monday. he decided that he wanted a mario themed party at home. before the party, he was able top open a few gifts early since they would be part of the party: mario kart game for the wii + controller (thanks g'ma & g'pa johnson), extra controller (thanks uncle n8, auntie dee, & lilia), & a mario t-shirt (mom & dad). isaac invited 6 friends over & we started off with feeding everyone.
on the menu:
sloppy joes
pepperoni pizza rolls
bbq chips
sierra mist

before playing the wii, the kids had to pop balloons. each balloon had a real penny in it that they had to pick up after the balloon burst. once all the balloons had been popped, the person with the most pennies won a prize. plus, they all got to trade in their pennies for chocolate coins, which in my opinion, should be the real currency. below is my favorite picture of isaac leaping on a balloon to pop it.

next, it was on to the wii mario kart tourney.

carson (batman) & dennis, sizing up the competition.

elijah was the big winner!

oh yeah, lauryn had to dress as "princess peach" for the occasion.

next it was time for the birthday...


last but not least, isaac opened up all of his amazing gifts from his friends. he was so excited & thankful for everything.

this video is from the balloon popping part of the party. dennis decided he needed to show 'em how it's done!