Thursday, April 16, 2009

the tooth fairy visits...

isaac lost his first tooth yesterday...the kicker is, the tooth wasn't even loose! isaac went to the dentist 2 wks. because of this:

see that adult tooth coming in in the back? the dentist told him he'd have to wiggle the baby tooth in front of it to try to lose it. he gave isaac 2 wks. to complete this task, otherwise the dentist would pull it. well, today was the scheduled day for the teeth pulling. it appeared that he wouldn't lose it on his own. i made a comment about how his first lost tooth would be pulled in the dentist's office. so yesterday, less than 24 hrs. before visiting the dentist, we were at the gym. an hour later, we went to pick the kids up in the playroom & isaac opened his mouth to show me that he'd lost a tooth! the one he lost was basically pushed out by the new one coming in. it never seemed to be loose, but all of a sudden at the gym, isaac said it was just hanging there so he just pulled it out! so the tooth fairy "paid" him a visit...& comes again tonight since he had the other tooth pulled this afternoon. guess it was a quick & easy removal.

ahhh...just another sign that my boy is growing up toooooo fast!!

p.s. easter pix to follow sometime...

Friday, April 3, 2009

oh lauryn...

the other night after being gone to work all day, then off to isaac's baseball game, lauryn gave me a big hug. i told her i love her. her response: i love you mucher!

last night lauryn, isaac, and i were on our way home from the church. they were surrounded by easter baskets and such while they were there. lauryn wanted to know when easter would be here. i told her it will be in about 10 days, but we will go to the church in 2 days for an easter celebration. she was all excited about this because then we'd get to dress up like easter bunnies. :) guess she equates easter with halloween. isaac & i told her that you don't dress up in costumes for easter, that you just do that for halloween. so now for halloween, she thinks it would be hilarious to dress like an easter bunny!