Sunday, November 7, 2010

lauryn turns 5, part deux


game number one: pop balloons & get the prize inside (a ring or a coin). the person with the most rings when all balloons are popped wins! lauryn chose to sit this out & watch everyone else struggle with the popping of balloons.

game number 2: musical chairs...need i say more? lauryn decided to sit this one out as well & be the dj with her new hello kitty cd/karaoke machine. the 2 sisters, destiny & allison, in the left corner were the big winners for the 2 games.

here is the birthday cake i made for lauryn. i purchased one of those silicone giant cupcake molds. it worked like a charm...although it inadvertently resembled strawberry shortcake's house more than a giant cupcake. it was a yellow butter cake mix complete with cheesecake can it not be good?