Friday, August 1, 2008

flashback friday

'tis moi at 22 months of age. i am on the phone talking to my "yamma ". i remember my mom telling me for the longest time they thought i was talking about pajamas. then they finally realized that i had been talking about grandma. funny, i'm generally not a phone person!


Taralee said...

Are you kidding me that you're 22 months? I can't believe it. That would be Sage in 1 short month and you look a lot older that she is. Plus look at your HAIR!!! Sage is finally getting some, but you're is long and THICK!!

It's very cute though. I have a couple like this or Brinley and she's talking to my mom too :)

Jerolyn said...

aaaahhhh so darn cute! I see where lauryn gets her good looks!

Rissa said...

not sure if you're cuter then, or cuter now, but, yep, that's yauryn all right.