Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day of kindergarten

i was the first one up this morning & was in the living room watching the news when isaac got up. he came out & hopped up on the couch. then 5 minutes later said, "mom, did you forget it's my first day of kindergarten today?" guess someone was eager to get the day started!

we made a big breakfast to fill up his hollow legs, then headed to the worst named school in history, louis WIENER elementary.
dennis, lauryn, & i dropped him off with no tears shed by anyone. i guess we'd been preparing for this all summer so we were all more excited than sad. although he didn't know anyone in his class, he does know a few other kids in other kinder classes & 1st grade.

isaac's teacher is ms. lingatong. she is super nice, energetic, & organized.
doesn't he look so grown-up carrying a backpack like this? i like the blue/green color combo of his bp ~ makes it easy to spot!

isaac got the morning slot for school from 9:00-11:40. after leaving him with his teacher, we headed to the multi-purpose room for the "boo hoo" breakfast for parents of kindergartners. there
lauryn enjoyed a chocolate doughnut! dennis then headed to work while lauryn & i went home. then dennis came back to get us so we could all take isaac out for a happy meal to celebrate his first "official" day of school. his legs were hollow again & needed fillin'.

my guys looked so nice today so i had to take a picture to share with you.
all in all, it was a very successful first day of kindergarten! just think, we could have had to deal with a child who was scared witless, crying like crazy, or we could have had to deal with a child who got in trouble on the very first day ~ like our friend's son who got in trouble for saying "butthole" across the room, then told everyone that his dad wears his mom's make-up!


Nathan Alan Johnson said...

It's truly amazing to know that our little Zeke isn't so little anymore. He's growing like a weed and now he's officially in school! Wow! He looks so mature in the photos. But what did he have in that backpack?

Today was a big day in my family. I had one nephew start kindergarten, another start college, my nieces back to school without their big brother to watch over them and my daughter turned 8 months today. TIME FLIES!!!

We're all so very proud of you Zeke. And remember, your dad likes to wear your mom's underwear not her make-up.

Allen Fieldhouse said...

wow! what a day of milestones...a lot to think about while on the road today.

Jerolyn said...

I can't believe the "Little Monkey Prince" is an official school boy now. He is such a handsome smart kid. Way to go Isaac~the girl in this house think you're pretty special!

Mama Bear said...

I love that picture of Isaac with his Dad! So very cute and it brought a little tear to my eye... of course watching any little boy today brings a tear to my eye, 'cause mah bay-bee is all grown up! Waaah!

DeeAnn said...

Way to go Isaac! Can't believe your "so big" now. Hope you love your new school and teacher.

Love the new fall theme blog, and the pix of the kids in the sidebar. Too cute!!

Rissa said...

Keali'i started 2nd grade today, and guess who pretty Mrs. Tschetter reminds us of? Aunty Jen! We're very optimistic about her!