Sunday, August 3, 2008

proper etiquette

How to address the Royal Person:
The Princess Royal should be addressed simply as "Your Royal Highness"or "Your Highness" initially, and "Ma'am" as the conversation progresses.

Gentlemen should acknowledge the Royal presence with a bow, ladies with a curtsy.

Men: lower the shoulders and tip the head forward with just a little more than a nod of the head; start with eye contact, then lower the gaze to the floor.

Women: the right foot is placed behind the left heel, and the knees bent. Lower the gaze.

There is no requirement for hats to be worn, though it is entirely acceptable to do so. Hats are not normally worn at functions after 6:30 p.m.

why, you ask, is this information pertinent? well, if you intend to visit us, you should be aware that lauryn has now taken the name "cinderella". yes, the other night she informed us that she is indeed cinderella. her bedroom is her "castle". she walks around saying, "where is my slipper?" just thought i'd let you know ahead of time because it would be so embarrassing for you to come to our house & not know how to act in the presence of royalty.


Jerolyn said...

Good to know!
That is so funny and cute. We really need to get our kids together to play. Ellie would LOVE to see Lauryn and Isaac. I mean Cinderella and Isaac~

Mama Bear said...

Have you bought her a sceptor yet?