Tuesday, August 14, 2007


today was an eye opener for me. i went along with dennis to help him hand out water to some homeless people. he's been doing this 1-2 days a week for about 2 months with our church's community outreach program, which does this every single day ~ god bless them! dennis went to the church to fill up the coolers with ice & bottles of water, then we were off to park across from the salvation army where we handed each person in line a bottle of water and a cup full of ice. as i'm handing each person their cup of ice, i tell them god bless you & can't help but wonder how they ended up there and what tomorrow holds for them. it makes me realize how truly blessed i am!


Taralee said...

That's awesome. You guys are so great! I always really appreciate my life when I do things like that or at least when I think about really how blessed I AM!!

Jerolyn said...

You guys are good peeps! You are blessed and will be blessed because of your good deeds!