Wednesday, August 22, 2007

mt. charleston, etc.

check out some of my favorite photos from n8 & d's visit. saturday we spent the better part of the day at mt. charleston hiking. upon arrival we had a picnic & relaxed in the cooler weather. then we got our rears in gear to do the 1.4 mile hike up cathedral rock. see how lauryn was strapped to dennis? she fell asleep on him on the way down the trail. isaac was quite a trooper, hiking the entire distance without complaining even once! he loves nature so an afternoon outdoors was just fine in his book. his aunt & uncle love it too. on their travels they've been taking advantage of the outdoors & hiking whenever possible. one of the photos in the collage below is of isaac with melted marshmallow on his chin...he was completely unaware of it. we made s'mores outside that evening, where isaac fell asleep on the lounger. then the guys decided it was time to cool off for a midnight swim.

the guys jumping for joy at the top of cathedral rock!


Jerolyn said...

Cute photos looks like you guys had a nice time! I noticed Dennis wears lavender so nicely~Lavender tube top perhaps???

Taralee said...

How fun! You got some GREAT pix! And a midnight swim, that's right up my alley :)