Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sugar & spice...

and all things nice,
that's what little girls are made of.
YIPPEE~they're having a girl!
n8 & d found out the gender of their baby while they were here with us this past week. they did what we did when we found out that lauryn was a girl~they brought a boy outfit & a girl outfit to the ultrasound appt. & instead of the dr. telling them there the gender of the baby, the ultrasound tech. took the appropriate outfit to put in the baby gift bag. then we all went out for dinner that night where n8 & d opened the gift together. since we call lauryn "lolo" they decided to refer to their baby as "lulu" until she's born & given her real name. :)
thanks you two for letting our family tag along and spend your special evening with you!


Taralee said...

That is such a fun idea on finding out what you're having. I should try it this next time if I can wait the extra few hours :) They are a cute couple and yes, very talented!

Jerolyn said...

Oh yeah girls are sooo cool! I am so happy for the two of them and they look very excited! Congrats to the aunt and uncle as well!