Tuesday, August 7, 2007

we're back!

we made it back from hot north dakota to hot las vegas. not much difference in the temperature in the two places while we were on vacation. here are some of the pictures from our trip up north. children of the corn!

one evening we took a ride in the jeep to check out the country. isaac had so much fun looking at the crops, farm machinery, seeing deer, hearing all of the crickets, etc. lauryn had fun too, of course. it's just that isaac is so VOCAL about it.

isaac ~ "look at this big hole made by an animal. it's called a golfer."

(a.k.a. gopher ~ golfer, gopher, same thing, isn't it?)

when we got back from our drive it was time to make s'mores! yummy! that is the best part of summer.

list of foods that keep isaac quiet while he is eating them:

1. popcorn

2. ice cream

3. s'mores

thank god for small blessings!


Jerolyn said...

Welcome home! Glad you are all home safe and sound. Looks like a fun time was had for all! See you guys SOON eh?!

Taralee said...

I'm glad your back and that you had a good time. Cute pix! We need to do something now :)