Tuesday, August 21, 2007

inside the actor's studio

my brother nathan & his wife deeann were just here in las vegas visiting us for a week. my brother had a few things to teach isaac, such as sword fighting as you see in the pictures. in grad school he had to take a class that taught staged fighting, so he was going through some steps with isaac. isn't it fun to share your knowledge? nate said that someday he'd like to teach at the college level. right now he is part of the cast of the mama mia national tour. he & dee have been driving across the u.s. & canada, traveling with the show. they decided to visit us for a week of vacation, in between shows in costa mesa, ca, & tempe, az. in two weeks he'll be in san diego where we will go see him perform as one of the leads he's an understudy for. can't wait to see it! you can check out nate's website at http://www.knownate.com/ (although he says he needs to update it) and check out their travel blog at http://www.miaandyoua.blogspot.com/ which we tease them about because for 2 people who are computer whizzes, they have a blog that is rarely updated. :) and if you love horses, you've got to see how talented dee is...look at her website http://www.artbydeeann.com/. yeah, they are a very talented couple!