Thursday, June 14, 2007


last week the kids & i went to the mall for storytime. our friends jerolyn & ellie met us there for story, songs, carousel ride, & the best thing ~ ICE CREAM!
isaac sat along side his friends olivia & tess. when ellie arrived she hopped right over to isaac. lauryn couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to join them or sit with me on the bench. isaac sat protectively watching over ellie, sometimes with his arm around her. so sweet! it reminded me of when jerolyn babysat isaac, & ellie's sister, maggie, would do the same thing to isaac. i can't count the number of times that 4 year old maggie picked up 1 year old isaac & carried him around. it was so endearing yet would make you cringe & say a silent prayer, "please don't drop's a tile floor!" anyway, i thought it was so sweet to see isaac reciprocating with ellie. i guess it's the circle of life.......what goes around comes around. that's why i'm so thankful that we found jerolyn & her family to watch isaac when he was just a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy baby. the stephens family fell in love with him right off the bat & now 4 years later, we count them as some of our dearest friends.


Jerolyn said...

Wow what a treat! Thank you for the kind words and as you know we too think of you as dear friends. Isaac will always have a special place in our hearts~we fell in love with him and that's just not something you forget easily! Now we have Lauryn to love too! Thanks again~jer