Sunday, June 24, 2007

saturday morning we decided to brave the heat & head out for a bike ride. we took off exploring some neighborhoods nearby that we hadn't been to before. isaac was very concerned that we wouldn't know exactly how to get back to our house. he's very observant and shares ALL of these observations with us. lauryn was a bit cranky as we left on the ride. turns out she was tired! this is how we found her when we got back home.

after relaxing a bit isaac headed over to a friend's house to celebrate her birthday. lauryn, dennis, & i decided it was time to hit the pool & cool off. lauryn got dressed up in her new swim outfit..........and headed out to the baby pool. :) she splashed around in there until we coaxed her into the big pool & made her have some fun! dennis was off to work the hbo fight (ricky hatton vs. jose luis castillo) at the thomas & mack while the rest of us were off to the........


along with us were friends kole, avary, & malaya. as the kids enjoyed their $12 cotton candy ($3 worth of which isaac dropped on the floor) they enjoyed the elephants, horses, tigers, & dogs. the trapeze acts & high wire walkers were amazing. the kids had a lot of fun but were ready after 2 hours to get home & relax after their busy day.

Malaya, Isaac, & Kole