Friday, June 29, 2007

a week at a glance

so for those of you who are wondering how our week went.......

  • tues. ~ isaac & lauryn each had their own tumbling class to attend. isaac did rather well because he's so athletic & has so much pent up energy. this was lauryn's second class & she basically just wanted to swing on the bar for 20 min. maybe next week we'll be able to get her to walk the plank......i mean the beam, or do a somersault. after that we headed over to the activity pool where we met laurie & avary. they took off around the time jerolyn & her girls showed up. we spent 3 hours there. what a great way to cool off when it is 105 degrees outside. we brought lunches along & isaac enjoyed a treat from the ice cream truck. both kids (&me2) were wiped out by the time we got home at 3:00. dennis volunteered some time at church to assist in delivering & handing out bottles of water to homeless people. makes you feel doubly blessed when we can just get water from our handy little button on our fridge after filling the glass full of ice.
  • wed. ~ isaac had his first tennis lesson. there were 12-14 kids in the class. we knew his friends olivia & tess were going to be taking the lessons with him, but we were pleasantly surprised to see friend malaya there as well. next we were headed to the free summer movie at the theater.
  • thurs. ~ took a trip to the library. checked out some (by some i mean a lot!) of books before joining a small group for storytime. fun stories to listen to & songs to sing &, wouldn't you know it, we ran into malaya for the second day in a row. her mom told me that she said to malaya, "just tell them to stop following you around." my friend kelcey came over that afternoon. we had b'day gifts to exchange.......we're a bit slow. her b'day was may 8th & mine june 13th. she got me lots of fun things from ulta ~ hair ties, nail polish, bath gels & lotions. yum! i had choir practice that evening to get ready for our church's "one nation under god" concert we'll be performing at 2 services this coming sunday to celebrate the 4th of july.
  • fri. ~ so the day has just begun & it's full of laundry & taking a break to go to the gym. you may think that i'm in great shape........but the gym is almost more for the kids than it is for me. it gets them out of the house for a few hours & a chance to play with others & be wild'n'crazy outside of the house. it's nice to get that out of their system. if we're lucky, dennis & i may be able to stay awake to watch an entire movie tonight. :)

now that you've read how our week has gone, you can read the same post next week, the week after, the week after that..........ha, ha, because for a few things here & just repeats itself. you're lucky i left out the part about the neverending stack of dishes, the continual covering of dust even though i JUST dusted, & racking my brain every day for something good to make for supper!