Tuesday, June 5, 2007

let's make a deal

remember in the may 31st preschool post i wrote about isaac praying to God to "please help me turn 5"??? i too am praying for that!
isaac has been needing help wiping after dropping the kids off at the pool even though i bought him the kandoo wipes for kids. when he bellows "i need help!" supermom (in her invisible cape, you know the one all moms wear!) comes to his rescue, asking him why he can't do this himself. his answer, "i will do it when i'm 5." (refer back to the may 21st post). apparently i forgot this deal that we had because this morning after he finished his job i said, "the kandoo wipes are right there, you can do it yourself."
isaac replied, "i'm not 5 yet!"
needless to say, i'm looking forward to february 2nd, 2008!


Jerolyn said...

Now because I'm worlds meanest mom I would say "you'll be lucky if you make to age 5 now WIPE YOUR OWN TUSHY" then they would cry and I would feel better and then I'd go ahead and do it. But not before making them tremble!hahaha