Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy father's day!

happy father's day to the #1 dad!
the day flew by........
we hung out together this morning just relaxing until it was time to go to church. isaac helped dennis & me be greeters before our service started. he draws a lot more attention than we do.
after church, we again headed to the district where we had lunch at the elephant bar. delish!
on the way home, our biscuit crashed. she was so tired she didn't wake up when daddy brought her in the house & laid her down. that is why she didn't make it into the father's day picture. oops! isaac was so eager for dennis to open his cards & his gift that we did it while lauryn was napping. we got dennis an inspirational quote that we had matted & framed. the picture reads:
Champions aren't
made in gyms.
Champions are made
from something they
have deep inside them ~
a desire, a dream,
a vision.
~muhammed ali, 1975~


Jerolyn said...

A great gift for a great dad!