Sunday, June 24, 2007

wake me up before i go-go

the other day i went to check on lauryn while she was napping. i found her butt naked! she had whipped the diaper off at some point & hurled it onto the floor. when i walked into her room, i saw her sleeping on her belly with her knees hunched up under her, sleeping peacefully. i tried to sneak out as quickly & quietly as i could to get the camera. i returned & she was in the process of waking up. apparently, when it's a scorching 105 degrees outside & it's 85 degrees inside (thank you nevada power!) lauryn thinks it's cooler to be au naturale. so i got a diaper on her as quickly as possible because the other day when she had it off for a minute she was squatting & doing the deed before i could even comprehend what was going on. oh that little biscuit!
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Jerolyn said...

that is hillarious!