Thursday, May 10, 2007

visit from dolly g'ma

we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from dolly g'ma (dennis' mom) for 5 days this may. we had a great time together. she really enjoyed her time with the kids. they'd changed a lot since she'd seen them at christmas time. on saturday dolly g'ma was busy selling her socks & onesies (like lauryn is wearing in the picture) at our church. the day was cool & windy so there weren't too many people taking in the sale since it was outside. she took a break to watch isaac's t-ball game. it was a fun game. because our team only had 4 members show up, they got to bat twice each inning. as one would come in to score they had to be ready to hit again. we had friends over that evening to watch THE fight - de la hoya vs. mayweather. we were all disappointed with the outcome of that bout.
we ate well while dolly g'ma was here, getting to go to one of our fave restaurants, the claimjumper. yummy!! of course, dennis also worked his magic with the grill & on the last night he made his spaghetti.
the last day we went to the bellagio to bring dolly g'ma to the conservatory. she loves flowers & butterflies so it was especially fun to bring her there at this time of the year. there was a butterfly house with live butterflies flying around. as you can see, i love tulips!