Thursday, May 31, 2007

a trip to baskin robbins

we had a hankering for ice cream last night so we decided to take a trip to baskin robbins. since we usually go to dairy queen, we weren't exactly sure where a baskin robbins was located, but i was pretty sure i'd seen one in a shopping area not too far away. as we took a turn into the shopping area, i pointed out to dennis where the 31 flavors were.

from the back seat isaac pipes up, "look, there's a bank of america. if you see animal shows, it's brought to you by that."

dennis & i burst out laughing. it's been a few months since the discovery channel's documentary series planet earth aired, but we watched it as a family, & sure enough, it was brought to us by B of A.

as we were getting out of the vehicle, i said to dennis, "i'll have to remember that" (to blog later).

isaac quipped, "yeah, you'll have to remember that!"

we giggled some more about our i-guy, had our ice cream at baskin robbins, & then remembered why we usually go to dairy queen.


Jerolyn said...

Funny funny funny~I'm with you on the DQ Verses BR