Monday, May 21, 2007

den's 35th b'day

dennis declared that it was his best birthday ever! he worked for the first part of the day before coming home to take isaac golfing with him. they went to a par 3 course not far from here. the two of them were ecstatic when they got back home. dennis was a foot away from having a hole in one. he was disappointed at first then realized if it would have gone in, his witness was his 4 yr. old son. :) we then headed for the strip to take in some good eats. our plan was to go to bobby flay's restaurant at caesar's palace, but upon our arrival were told that the first available table would be at 9:45. scratch that! so we headed to spago. we ate at the cafe part (the part you can see people sitting at when you walk by) rather than in the MORE expensive dining area.
because jerolyn will want to know what we ate.............
dennis had the specialty which was meatloaf. the plate was served with garlic mashed potatoes, the meatloaf on top of that covered with mushroom sauce, & topped off with some onion rings. i had a thai salad that was just the right size & was yummy.
we then went to see the water show at the bellagio before heading home to have cake & ice cream. i had made dennis a triple fudge chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting, covered in bits of andes mints. it was divine!
a few days after den's birthday i made plans for him & his buddies to spend an hour at skymania. it is a fun center consisting of many trampolines next to each other. dennis & 8 of his friends played 3-d dodgeball. i figured it would be a fun way for them to regain their childhood. an hour later they limped out of there, reminded of how old they really are! dennis came home with a jammed thumb & a strained gluteus maximus. guess that was the gift that kept on giving. :)


Jerolyn said...

I knew there was something I forgot to ask you the other day when I was over! I can't help it I love to eat vicariously through others meals!

Jerolyn said...

Oh ya and Happy Birthday OLD MAN! And Jen the cake WAS divine!