Monday, May 21, 2007

mother's day

mother's day was great this year (again)'s hard to believe that i've been able to celebrate the holiday for ME now for 4 years. how time flies! i got this bike from dennis & the kids. it was exactly what i wanted! i've gotten to ride it a few times now & love it. i have forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike. it makes me feel like a kid again. i have many great memories of riding bike growing up. my friends & i would ride all over town & out into the country. we had a big ditch at our yard from the street & we'd ride down the ditch really fast. that's also where we set up our slip 'n' slide when we were probably about 10 yrs. old. we'd start running from the empty lot across the street & dive down the ditch on the slippery wet patch, coasting onto the grass. oh, the good ol' days.
anyway, isaac was as excited as i was about the bike. he knows we'll get to go on family bike rides now. first we have to get a cart to tote lil' miss lauryn around. can't wait!


Jerolyn said...

that bike really suits you!