Thursday, May 31, 2007


may 30th was isaac's last day of preschool for this school year. there was a graduation ceremony that all of the kids participated in. they were introduced in 2 groups ~ ones that are returning next year & ones that are old enough to start kindergarten in the fall. isaac will get one more year of preschool in since he doesn't turn 5 until february. that night when i put isaac to bed & we were saying his prayers, this was one of the things he prayed for ~

"and please help me turn 5........"

sometimes i'm confused with isaac's age. he prays for something like turning 5 & then he turns around and prays for children in china who don't know jesus. how awesome is that!

here are some photos of isaac's last day of preschool........

isaac & his friend olivia (who says that she's going to marry him) :)

lauryn enjoying a cupcake ~ boy, did she giggle with delight when she got that!

isaac & his teacher mrs. zimet


Jerolyn said...

Love the photo of Lauryn. Check out Erins Blog she has photos of Seth double fingering his nose throughout the ceremony.