Tuesday, May 29, 2007

holiday weekend

we had such great plans for our holiday weekend. they included eating & swimming, and, well, more eating & swimming!


that afternoon, isaac decided that we'd better have a tea party with lauryn's tea set that santa got her. we ate cookies with our "tea" which i thought was scrumptious. as we continued our tea party, isaac was giggling. i asked him what was so funny & he said, "i'm still laughing that you said scrumptious". from what i hear, i'd better get used to my kids laughing at me. oy vay, i'm turning into my mom more & more everyday. nifty!

friday evening we took in our 2nd 51's baseball game for the season. the kids managed to stay awake to view the spectacular fireworks display after the game. isaac loved the fireworks & was very vocal throughout. lauryn, on the other hand, didn't whine, fuss, or cry, but did have her blanket pulled up over her eyes the entire time.


we had errands to run in the morning.......lauryn & me to get groceries & isaac & dennis off to do "manly" errands. they went to lowes where isaac stumbled upon a class for building a wooden race car. then they got the propane tanks full for our weekend of grilling.

isaac came home with a few things from lowes (goggles,apron)........he used them to help his dad hang up our new flag.

that afternoon, as we were getting cleaned up for our second round of errands, we caught isaac on the couch like this watching cartoons.........

we loaded up the kids & headed to UNLV where dennis & i needed to be briefed for our part in handing out programs for church the next morning. then we headed to the mall for dennis to spend some of his b'day money. once home we grilled tequila lime chicken to go along with our black bean salsa and veggies. yum! our grilling was off to a great start!


sunday didn't start off too well. thinking i was just hungry, i awoke at 5:30 to have some cereal (i could eat cereal for every meal & do sometimes when dennis is out of town). as i poured the cereal, i felt as if i was going to toss my cookies. luckily i didn't! because we had committed to helping at church, we attended the service at UNLV for pentecost sunday. it combined our 6 weekend services into one.......what a great service it was, although i had to sit down a few times because i was dizzy! we had dropped off the kids at the nursery at the church at 8:45 & picked them up at 12:00. throughout the rest of the day i was tired, achy, dizzy, with no appetite......no fun at all!


i awoke feeling much better but dennis was out of commission. the kids & i took a brief trip to get some medicine & milk. we laid around the rest of the day, trying to get as much rest as a 4 and 1 yr. old will allow.

so that is how our holiday weekend of grillin' & chillin' went down. guess we'll try it all over again the following weekend. :)


Jerolyn said...

Sorry you guys weren't feeling well~that stinks. On the flip side Isaac in those goggles~what a crack up. That kid is a hoot.