Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hangin' @ the lake

our first day with g'ma & g'pa we went golfing. isaac had a good time getting to play parts of each hole. lauryn would get out of the golf cart every now & then to hit with her little plastic golf set. when she'd hit the ball, she'd drop her clubs & run the "bases" ~ that is how you play golfbaseball.

on sunday we relaxed & had a tea party up in the loft.

on monday we braved the 100 degree heat & headed to the lake to play in the water & on the beach.


Jerolyn said...

Love the tea party pics-especially Isaac in his gloves and bow tie! so cute and what great grandparents your kids have! Looks like you're all having a good time so far~stay cool! It is sooo muggy here yuck

~Taralee~ said...

How fun! Cute pix. I'm impressed that you posted while youre out of town, you're a true blogger haha! It's something I would do to :) I'm assuming I'm not getting your house mail this week because I saw Dennis' truck. If you get this, let me know. KEEP having a blast!