Friday, July 6, 2007

isaac can swim!

yesterday swimming just seemed to finally click with isaac. yay!! a few weeks ago i purchased each of the kids one of those outfits with the floatation devices built right in to them. at first, isaac was still very cautious, needing either dennis or me close by at all times. he didn't want to try swimming without holding on to us. last weekend i bribed him with a few dollars & got him to swim the width of the pool. that took a lot of coaxing. then yesterday, all of a sudden he's a fish! he would take off by himself & even swim the entire length of the pool on his own ~ treading water when he felt like it & turning to go a different direction. yippee!! i now can take both kids in the pool by myself. :) we are so proud of you isaac!


Nathan Alan Johnson said...

Wow! It's amazing what a few bucks will do to motivate an individual. Hooray for capitalism! Zeke you're a true Republican in the making. Way to earn an honest buck and make your mother proud in the process.

Jerolyn said...

Way to go buddy! WOW I can't wait to see you swimmin' like a fish!