Tuesday, July 10, 2007

on dennis' latest trip for hbo (via compubox) he went to cologne, germany. he had some time to explore the city which is situated on the rhein river. he enjoyed sampling the local beer at some brauhauses, along with eating sausage & potato salad. here are some pictures of the cathedral in cologne. he marveled at the architecture of the landmark that is the largest cathedral in germany.

aren't these chalk drawings amazing?

here is ukrainian wladimir klitschko, the ibf/ibo heavweight champ. he retained his title against american lamon brewster, the fight dennis worked at in cologne on saturday, whom he lost to a few years ago. his brother, vitali, is to the left of him. both brothers are heavyweight fighters & have their ph.d.'s.


Jerolyn said...

That's a nice photo of Dennis. Those chalk drawings are amazing!