Tuesday, July 24, 2007

on a hot, hot day in july...

...the kids & i arrived in north dakota for our summer vacation. if i thought we were going to escape the heat of vegas, i was mistaken, 'cause it's been HOT here too! once the plane landed in bismarck we still had about a 4 hour drive to get to the lake. g'pa (my dad) was waiting & waiting for us, along with my aunt & uncle, to get to the lake. we made a few stops on the way first:
1. can't pass up a good deal at kohl's :) before we leave bismarck
2. gotta get body fuel at mickey d's
3. need real fuel for the long drive
4. countless stops along the way for isaac's small bladder
5. the house in williston to check on a few things
....dennis claims we were torturing g'pa by not getting to the lake sooner.
when we finally got there at 8:30 that evening my dad was brought to his knees by the sweetness that is lauryn ~


Jerolyn said...

Ohhh, I admit my eyes welled up upon reading the last line of your post! That is the sweetest photo! LOVE IT. Lauren IS one of the sweetest cutest baby girls I've ever seen-she's right up in there in the top 4!