Friday, January 16, 2009

ellie time & snack time & the pink panther

ellie time:

here are some pictures of lauryn & her friend ellie. let me tell you...ellie is a hoot! the other day we were over at her house to celebrate birthday #3 for her. ellie was so excited to see both lauryn & isaac. so cute! she & lauryn were sitting at the table next to each other while everyone else was visiting, playing, eating. i happened to be standing near them ( well, not really happened when lauryn refuses to let me out of her sight when there are more than a few people around) when i overhear ellie singing "happy birthday to me". then she looks at lauryn to tell her "you sing it to me".

snack time:
dennis told me that after lauryn woke up from her nap, she requested a snack, probably with her "i need sumpin" line. so she curled up on the couch in a midst of blankets while dennis went to get her some fruit snacks. upon returning to her with them, she says to him, "now that's what i'm talkin' about". funny or what?

pink panther:
the other morning, lauryn woke up to watch some cartoons. yes, my kids do not wake up to start the day, they wake up strictly for serious cartoon watching. she usually loves sprout, noggin, or disney at 7:00 am. isaac is the one who is into boomerang which shows the good cartoons from back in the day. you know, the ones like tom & jerry, the smurfs, the jetsons, etc. lauryn generally isn't too interested in these. so i was surprised when she chose to watch the pink panther over the really stupid show lazy town that she seems to enjoy. so i sat with her while the show was starting. the pink panther disappeared from the cartoon frame & lauryn said, "hey, where'd the pink dude go?"

i know these are all really random, but that's what you get when i haven't blogged forever. :)


Jerolyn said...

ahhhh I lOVE Lauryn time! Did Dennis tell you the other day when she was over, she was talking and talking and telling me "stuff" and when I said 'Oh for Heavens Sake" she stopped in her tracks and said....."That's not very nice" haha I laughed. She is a doll...we love having them both again, even if it is just one day a week!!!

Rebecca said...

She's so cute! I love the random little stories that are so funny.