Friday, January 11, 2008

no love for luvs!!

i've had it with these diapers!!

3 times this week i've had to strip lauryn's bedding to wash it all because she's woke up wet. and i remind you she sleeps in a queen size bed now, not a little toddler bed. i thought i loved luvs, but i've had it with them!! i was a pampers girl with isaac, but when lauryn came along & i started to stay home, i wanted to save a buck or 2. i tried some generic diapers that i didn't like. so next was huggies for awhile, which i was really happy with, but, again, i wanted to save a few cents. so luvs was the one i settled for ~ the cheaper brand name. well, i decided after this morning that i'm going back to huggies. so here is my message to you luvs:
Auf Wiedersehen
Au Revoir
Hasta la Vista, BABY!!!!


Jerolyn said...

I love the Walmart brand. Never had a leak, and they're cheap. Hey that could be their slogan.

Allen Fieldhouse said...

thanks for the advice...i just came home w/ huggies. when they are gone i'll try the walmart ones. just can't wait for her to decide she want's to lead a diaper-free life! :)

Taralee said...

Yes, I'm a huggies girl! I've always used them, love them and they work. If it aint broke, don't fix it. So I'm staying with Huggies even though they're a little more $$ Good luck on your new adventure :)