Tuesday, January 22, 2008

christmas card awards

it's been nearly 3 weeks since i took down all of my christmas decor, excluding the cards & pictures. today i finally decided that it was time to take them down & pack them away also. as i did this, i fondly looked back at each & every card & picture that we received. i truly enjoyed each & every one of them. during the holiday season, i must say that getting holiday cards in the mail rates right up there in my top 5 holiday favorites. seriously, i feel dejected on those days that there is not 1 card from family or a friend. and of course, there are the days when you hit the jackpot & there are many cards at once. so, to honor these cards~letters~pictures, i've decided to give some awards.

first picture & card received:

and the award goes to: the abuegs who live in las vegas ~ where it's nice & warm...

coldest looking picture:

and the award goes to: the fitzpatrick who just HAD to move back to the frozen tundra of ND!

most creative:

and the award goes to: my aunt & uncle ~ ron & ang (live in ND) ~ aren't they cute? i've always thought so! & they're also super cool!

card most fitting for sender:

and the award goes to: the whittakers ~ they live here but he is from maine (notice the lighthouse) & she is from san diego (notice the palm tree) ~ how clever!

picture that traveled the farthest:

and the award goes to: the belmonts from new york. dennis & ryan went to high school together & were best friends.

picture that came from my friend i've had the longest:

and the award goes to: my girlfriend vickie & her family. we went to school together (k-12) & she & her family live in nd.

funniest picture:

and the award goes to: tessa & jason with their dog lucky

picture that reminds me how old i am:

and the award goes to: christensons whose kids i babysat when they were cute, itty~bitty babies!!

funniest letter:

and the award goes to: my grandma ~ because this above is how she started her letter & below is the finished product ~ 2 pages, single spaced. love you grandma!!

most versatile card:

and the award goes to: the blumanthals ~ dennis' cousin krista who sends lauryn so many of chloe's stylish clothes ~ the card had a bookmark to take off & use.

hottest looking card:

and the award goes to: jenny & paul who live in las vegas & sent this card ~ one of my all-time faves!

smartest letter:

and the award goes to: jerolyn & family for their comparison of their family to running a business.

most sarcastic letter:

and the award goes to: my cousin amie & her husband who are so fun to visit with because they are quick~witted & sooo smart

card from friend i've had the shortest amount of time:

and the award goes to: the hersh family ~ friends we've made from church

last card received:

and the award goes to: dennis' sister in nebraska ~ her husband is hawaiian ~ they moved FROM hawaii TO nebraska last year ~ maybe i should rename this award to most insane... ;)

now i bet you are saying to yourself, "wow, these photos are really poor quality." yes, because i have NO scanner & had to take the pictures of the pictures with my camera. we had a scanner for years & used it only a handful of times. then it broke, & we felt no need to replace it. then i started blogging, and every now & then i think hmmm...a scanner would sure come in handy here.

hope you enjoyed the awards ceremony!


Jerolyn said...

What a clever post Jen and a neat way to share your cards with the rest of us! I love that you awarded us smartest card but for a minute there I thought you were going to say smart@--'iest card!haha Get a scanner, I just got one and can not stop scanning stuff...(ie) wedding photos ha ha!

Allen Fieldhouse said...

every time you share photos that i know are not from a digital camera, i think how nice it would be to have a scanner again. :)

DeeAnn said...

Very creative post. I love it!

Taralee said...

Cute idea! That was fun to see some of the ideas people use. I LOVE getting letters too. Aren't we all so funny that we look so forward to it? But it's just so fun to see pictures and hear everything that's going on...hence why we like blogging so much :)