Saturday, December 22, 2007

in the spirit of christmas...

the following story was sent to us from my mom through e-mail today & takes place in ND:
We had a most touching Christmas experience today. It's one that is hard to put into words. We started out as heroes and ended up with the biggest blessing of all!
We went out to Wal-Mart and on our way home we saw a couple /plus 3 others ahead of them (it was very windy & cold this morning) .They were walking along the rode side near the airport, pulling suitcases. Assuming they'd flown into Williston and didn't know there is taxi service or couldn't afford it-we stopped to give them a ride. They were walking to the train depot, which would have been about a 3-4 mile hike! It turned out they were 5 Chinese college students in an exchange program with Dickinson State who are on Christmas break and planning a 15 day Amtrak tour to Chicago, New York, Niagara Falls & points beyond. They'd come to Williston the night before and had a problem with their ticket bookings online so had stayed at a hotel ( one without shuttle service. ) We drove them to the depot at around noon and found out the train didn't depart until 7 PM-so they came home with us for the afternoon as our house guests! We fed them, visited with them and found out about their country and lives. They had many questions of us and asked if we were Christians! As we shared about Christmas and our beliefs, we began to see that we were the ones blessed by the events of the day :) God does work in mysterious ways!
May he bless you this holiday season too!
Love to you all,
LeNae & Gary
isn't this an amazing story? i told my parents that it almost sounds like a movie. it's such a heart-warming story. to this day, i still learn from them ~ how to treat others with love & kindness and to share what you have with others. mom neglected to tell you that she played christmas carols on the piano & sang ~ they knew some of the songs to sing along. my aunt & uncle live in dickinson where these students are going to college. their future plans include going to dickinson & having the students over to my aunt & uncle's house for a meal. even though i say this is in the spirit of christmas, for those of you who know my parents, the spirit of christmas lasts the whole year long!


Jerolyn said...

Your parents are awesome kind hearted people! And they raised you to be the same!!! Touching story!

Taralee said...

That is so cool. Thanks for sharing!!

Joshy said...

Y'all need to CALL me next time you go pickin' up Asian girls!!!