Monday, December 10, 2007

nate & dee's shower

saturday was nate & dee's baby shower. sad to say we missed it but were so happy that they shared pictures with us. they got a lot of great gifts & looks like they had a wonderful afternoon with their friends.
doesn't dee look great pregnant? she's got less than 2 weeks to go...yippee! we are so excited to see what lulu will look like & what her "real" name will be. oh, i just can't wait!


Nathan Alan Johnson said...

Thank god for Photoshop and my wife's magic touch otherwise you'd seeing me pitting-out in that picture. Pregnant and talented and beautiful. I'm a lucky man.

Taralee said...

How exciting, seriously! I'm almost as excited when a brother or sister is having a child as when I am. It's the coolest thing and I can't wait to hear more for you when she comes :)

Jerolyn said...

2 WEEKS? Wow that seemed to go by super fast.....for me anyway! Congrats and can't wait either.