Monday, December 17, 2007


today we finally got some answers to why maxie has been having skin problems for the last year. it started last fall when i noticed some scabs on her back. we've been doctoring with her ever since. i'd take her to the vet, they'd do some tests & she'd get antibiotics. each round lasted about 6 weeks with me having to give her meds everyday & TRY to get a medicated bath in once a week or so. then the spots would disappear, only to reappear about 4 months later. so we've gone through this cycle 4-5 times since it all started. when the spots returned a few weeks ago, we finally decided it was time to spring for the BIG test ~ the HESKA allergy test. well, like i said, today we finally got some answers. anything with EA units of 150 or higher is considered a significant allergen. here is her list of allergies:

FOOD: wheat grain~168 barley~1472

TREES: red cedar~574 palm~383 sycamore~229 juniper~204 olive~145

WEEDS: yellow dock~2619 marsh elder~1280 cocklebur~1042 russian thistle~970 english plantain~495 carelessweed~312 ragweed, western/slender~308 sagebrush~225 ragweed, false~219 ragweed,short~186

GRASSES: red top grass~3883 perennial rye grass~3791 meadow fescue~3756 johnsongrass~3163 bluegrass, june~3012 brome, smooth~2890 orchard grass~2879 timothy grass~1621

ENVIRONMENT: cockroach~271 d. pteronyssinus~175 d. farinae~156

did you catch all of that? don't imagine you all wanted to read every detail of her allergies, but thought it would get the point across. the vet said it's the worst case of allergies he's seen with this test. because her numbers were so exaggerated & there were so many different allergies, he consulted maxie's dermatologist (yes, she has a dermatologist~i don't even have one) & they have decided we'll go with a hypoallergenic food to start with & some more antibiotics & go from there.

at least she isn't really affected by the allergies other than her skin. it never appears to even bother her~she doesn't scratch at it or anything. since we live in las vegas, it's quite common to not have grass (which we don't) so that is good. also, no more food scraps AT ALL!!!

if you're a pet lover (even if you're not, we LOVE maxie~she's our first "kid") we'd appreciate it if you have room in your heart to pray for her.