Saturday, September 29, 2007

isaac funnies

just wanted to share a few things about isaac today:

1. yesterday a young fighter training in minot was sent here to train with dennis to get ready for his pro debut the end of october. this young boxer, mike, needed pillows & linens at the place he is staying so i took 2 of isaac's 4 pillows to send with him. since isaac was about 2 years old, he's been able to voice how he likes to sleep with his pillows stacked. if they are not, he'd tell you "they're too down".
so this morning isaac was in a very long phone conversation with his uncle when i heard him say that i'd taken some of his pillows to give to a friend, then his pillows were too down, & that is why he hadn't slept very well!

2. later today as we were leaving the gym, i asked isaac how the playroom was & who he played with. he told me he played with a boy who was 7 (that's a cool thing to do you know). i asked if he knew the boy's name. isaac replied, "evan, but i think his full name is kevin." it made me laugh, because i could argue with him all day & never be able to convince him that the boy's real name is evan.

3. isaac had gotten a yankees hat from a friend (because we would NEVER buy a yankees anything!) & decided that was the hat to wear today. when dennis noticed it, he gave him a hard time about it. isaac said he liked the hat, & dennis teasingly told him that he decides what team isaac likes. isaac was quiet for a few seconds & then strongly stated, "i can choose what i like myself." thatta boy!


Taralee said...

Ok, that was cute! What a little adult. Kids are quite amazing. It's often that I'm wondering how Brinley thinks of things or where she could have possibly learned it. Issac is such a cutie :) and I loved these funnies, keep em' up! I do MY family funnies because I LOVE hearing other peoples funny I figure if I want to hear theirs, they probably want to hear mine. I loved it, thanks :)

Jerolyn said...

Again, that is why we all love this boy SO! He can choose what he likes for himself Dennis, and he's been telling us for YEARS(at least 4) that he's been in the closet about LOVING the REDSKINS and has just been scared to tell you!haha Sorry to have to break it to you this way buddy!

Cute new look BTW!!! It is scary how much we are a like I actually tried this background first!

Allen Fieldhouse said...

So Jerolyn, I see you don't get to choose for yourself either. You cheer for your husband's team! I suppose Idaho could have a Redskins team though, you know with the potatoes and all.

Jerolyn said...

Oh I forgot to mention that Isaac also told me he ADORES the Burley Bobcats!!!