Sunday, September 30, 2007

this morning

wow...lauryn actually slept through the night which was a delight! she's such a stinker about eating dinner that i think she wakes up hungry so i usually get her some water or milk in the middle of the night. even though my sleep wasn't interrupted by lauryn, i did have a strange dream about getting 5 tattoos on one arm....

but back to the morning ~ when lauryn did awake at 6:00 i heard her call for me. i went to get her some milk & came back to find her face covered with her blanket. i said, "where's lauryn?" & she spooked me with "BOO!" i did my little fake scream & she said, "i scare you mommy?" then she drifted off for another hour.
btw, she gets this "boo" thing from isaac. he's been doing it forever, & we're not sure how it all started, but if you get him his drink before he has a chance to hide under his blanket, well....let's just say you learn to wait for him!

i was awake for good by then & headed out to the couch to check out the news. at 6:30 isaac comes stumbling toward me, squinting as he looks at me to tell me, "i slept really good last night". he pretty much forces himself awake the first chance he gets because he's so eager to start the day.
anyway, waking up to my kids everyday is a blessing!


Jerolyn said...

Jen, all tatted up!!!