Friday, September 21, 2007

finally we have had cooler weather the past 2 days. that means we can finally enjoy the PARK again! so the last 2 days we've gone to a new park with friend jerolyn & her daughter ellie. isaac was disappointed when he found out that maggie & katie would at school, but he managed to still have fun. :) it's so nice that lauryn is getting big enough to use the equipment on her own & i don't have to be an inch away from her at all times. plus, ellie & lauryn actually really interact with each other. it's so cute!

BONUS: it's thundering right now as i'm writing this.......i'm THRILLED!!! it's been raining on & off this evening, with more rain on the agenda for tomorrow. i feel like i have to take it all in while i can because it never sticks around too long. .....bummer!

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Jerolyn said...

We ALL had fun, it was nice talking to an adult! I'm sure we'll be doing a lot more of that now that it's cool!