Friday, September 7, 2007

MAMMA MIA! i go again

hi you thought we fell off the face of the earth. well, lucky for you, we didn't! :)
we had a great time in san diego. of course, the reason we went in the first place was to see my brother nate in the national tour of mamma mia! as luck would have it, a month before the shows in san diego, he found out that he would be one of the leads in the show that he is an understudy for. it couldn't have worked out any better because it was easy for mom & dad to fly here to las vegas & drive with us to s.d. also, my grandma joanne was visiting her cousin in s.d. at the same time (they had just gone to hawaii together) so it worked out for all of us to meet up there & to take in nate's show.
nate was excellent! he thrives on live performance & it is so fun to see him put so much energy into it. bill austin, the austrailian adventure writer, was the role that he was in, one of the "potential" fathers of sophie. the role doesn't really showcase his beautiful singing voice, but, nevertheless, it was sooooo enjoyable. we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to see him in that role. the show ends with the cast singing & dancing to a montage of the songs in the show. here comes nate out in this ridiculous get up & platforms. i about fell off my chair laughing. talk about entertaining!
nate gave us a backstage tour when the show was over. it was so neat to see how the show works behind the scenes. below in the collage is a picture of dennis & me on the stage. nate is usually part of the ensemble cast and talks about being behind "the wall" shown in that picture. we laughed when dee told us that many a night, nate comes from the show to tell her "guess what i heard behind the wall tonight". they talk, have a good time, some even are texting then, but when it's time to perform, they don't miss a beat.

p.s. case you didn't know ~ we are so proud of you!


Taralee said...

How AWESOME!!! What a blast :) And CUTE blog! I've actually been in the works for a while doing one from scratch this time, but I'm having a rough time figuring some things out. So it might be taking even longer :)

Jerolyn said...

CUTE photos and looks like fun!