Thursday, November 1, 2007

celebrating halloween

the actual day of halloween was to be isaac's preschool celebration. but of course, that's not what happened & i didn't receive the flier that stated the celebration had been changed to the day before. so tuesday morning as lauryn, kaylee, & i were dropping off isaac at school, we noticed that all of the other kids were dressed in their costumes. i called dennis to have him dig out isaac's spider-man costume because i knew it would take too long to dress him up as bamm bamm at school when the class is only 90 min. long. i also told him to grab lauryn's puppy costume from last year & a bumble bee swimsuit cover so i could throw them on the girls. we raced home, got the costumes, made it back to the school & got the costumes on. the kids got to go trick-or-treating through the offices & the participating classrooms (his preschool is at a high school). then it was back to the classroom to enjoy snacks before heading home.

on halloween evening, my friend susan & i took the kids to the district (a shopping area). they had a good time, but there were TOO MANY PEOPLE!! didn't get any pictures since i sent the camera with dennis. he left for wales this morning & will be back on sunday evening. it was a late night. we got back to the house at 8:30, ate supper while isaac handed out some treats to the few kids who came to our door, then it was off to bed! i'm so glad halloween is over!


Jerolyn said...

WAYYYYYYYY too many people at the stinkin District. I got annoyed and we left for a neighborhood behind the girls school and it was WAYYYYYYYY better!