Friday, October 17, 2008

flashback friday...where's lauryn?

my mother-in-law loves to sew & does such a great job. she's made outfits, blankets, halloween costumes, etc. for our kids & we so appreciate it! when lauryn was born she made these 2 adorable one piece outfits & one came with a matching blanket. so when lauryn was 7 weeks old, she was finally big enough to fit into one of these outfits. i thought it would be fun to dress her in it, then lay her down on the matching blanket...see, she really blends in!

p.s. whenever i look back at pictures of my kids, i so want to relive those moments at those times with them. they always seem to go by so fast that it makes you feel like you didn't have enough time to take it all in...mothers out there, do you all have that same feeling?
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Jerolyn said...

She's so itty bitty in that photo! What am I saying she's still itty bitty!

Shelise said...

Hi, Im your neighbors (Tara Truman) sister. Yes I wish I could relive it all, especially on days when I get irritated easily. On days like that I wish I could go back and be a little more carefree and relaxed. Sometimes at night I just go in and stare at my little boy while hes sleeping. It seems like the best time to relish it all... only because hes not moving at 100 miles per hour. haha. I read your blog sometimes from Taras link. I really enjoy it.

Taralee said...

yes, I feel the exact same way. I'm not even close to having my kids all big and grown, but I'm so sad for the day. Sometimes it's so hard being a mom, but it's ALWAYS worth it. I love it and it's always nice hearing that other people feel the same way :)

p.s. how funny my sister commented. I love my sister!