Monday, March 17, 2008

pix from mom's visit

mom with the kids all dressed up for church

mom & the kids made & decorated (& ate) easter cookies...yummy!

here the kids are being so helpful in lauryn's room while we are taking down the old border.

in this picture, mom is laughing at lauryn because after i had found her (mom) some rubber gloves to work in, lauryn went in search of her golden gloves too!

grandma & the kids in lauryn's room when it was all finished. lauryn loves it & thinks it is "so pretty".

lauryn is very shy & bashful, not really acknowledging people when they say hi to her. grandma was no exception for the first hour that she arrived here in vegas. when lauryn was ready, she warmed right up to her...& she definitely warmed grandma's heart on her last night when she asked to rock with her (& lauryn usually isn't a rocker either!).