Monday, March 24, 2008


the week leading up to easter started off with the kids receiving identical easter baskets from g'ma & g'pa bedford. isaac & lauryn were very excited, to say the least!

a few days later, isaac's buddy michael stayed overnight & they dyed/decorated easter eggs.

then on saturday while dennis was out of town, i decided i'd take the kids (plus michael) to a new shopping area for an easter celebration: free easter egg hunt, free face painting, free games, etc. on our way to town square, i realize my mistake when traffic is getting worse & worse as we approach the exit. after hunting down a spot, we get our baskets & head to the center of town square. it is utter chaos! the boys need to use the bathroom immediately & we have to wait in line for 10 min. there are people, strollers, baskets, and more everywhere. guess everyone else in town had the same idea as me. as we are waiting in line at the restrooms i talk the kids into a trip to dairy queen instead.
mission accomplished:

yesterday was easter & we went to church, came home to relax, & susan came over to enjoy a grilled turkey with us. later, friends della & mike and their kids michael & matthew came over to spend the evening with us. it was a great day!

then the easter bunny paid a visit to the kids here at the house.


Mama Bear said...

Both kids look adorable. That dress is a stunning color on Lauren! DQ is much better than an Easter Egg hunt anyway.

Allen Fieldhouse said...

thanks! lauryn has a ton of cute, dressy things that she got from a cousin. so nice to have people share their clothes!

DeeAnn said...

Love these photos, and I agree- DQ is much better! What a treat!

Allen Fieldhouse said...

dee, you are funny...we all know you'd pick ice cream over pretty much anything else. :)