Friday, October 12, 2007

who's the boss?

apparrently lauryn THINKS she is....well, she kinda is.....sometimes....

this morning isaac, lauryn, & i were in MY bathroom getting ready to brush our teeth. i pull the stool out of the closet for lolo to stand on so she can reach the sink. right away she's got her little boss pants on because she's pointing & telling me to place the stool in front of MY sink. no biggie, i usually put the stool at den's sink just 'cause it's closer, but i'm flexible (figuratively, not literally). once the kids are brushing, i get my toothbrush ready. as i am brushing & using MY sink at the same time as lauryn, she points to the other sink telling me to use that one. i continue to use MY sink & she continues to tell me to use the other one!

who's the boss? MOMMY

who's BOSSY? lolo


Jerolyn said...

Hey nice shirt! I recogonize that shirt~given, worn, and handed down with love I see!