Tuesday, October 2, 2007

the tortoise & the "hair"

this is tim's habitat in isaac's room. isaac adores him! the light is to remain on during the daylight hours & turned off at night. dennis gets him new food each morning ~ tortoise food, usually along with some fruit. he also cleans out his water dish because tim drags sand into every day. can you see tim coming out of his log?

thank you to all of lauryn's family members who contributed to her beautiful hair. the picture doesn't do her justice, seeing all of the different colors. as much as dennis & i would like to take credit for it, we know we had help from grandmas & grandpas, etc.
i'm thanking you now because, who knows ~ she may be cursing all of us later in life for it! i can't imagine that happening, but i hear teenagers can be difficult. :)

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Taralee said...

WOW, you guys went all out with the cage (or whatever you would call it) and the log and everything! It looks awesome!!!! Your kids are such cuties too!

Jerolyn said...

Ok it takes me a while... I just referenced the title with the post. I was like what?