Friday, April 27, 2007

king of the hill

amy jo,one of my childhood friends, came to las vegas last week with her husband todd. we spent the evening with them and had a lot of fun! amy & i grew up together in newburg. she was one of the few friends that actually lived IN town with me. we had countless numbers of sleepovers, lemonade stands, days of jumping on the tramp, playing kickball, riding bike, riding the golf carts, endlessly driving around town, talking about boys, talking about boys, did i mention we talked about boys??? she was the one who taught me how to shave my legs at about the age of 6. neither of us were very good at it...our knees were pretty bloody when her mom found us. i have so many fond memories of amy, but this one takes the cake............
it was a brisk winter day, typical of north dakota. we were in 3rd or 4th grade, playing king of the mountain at the end of the school day. we were waiting for the bus to pick us up & drive us from elementary school in kramer back to newburg where we lived. just before the bus picked us up, i managed to push amy down from the mountain of snow that she had been "king" of for most of the time. that didn't sit too well with her. needless to say, i was scared s*#@less because she was mad at me for toppling her. my friend teresa & i convinced the bus driver to let us sit on the steps on the way to newburg so that i could make my getaway to my house a block away from the school. teresa hollared, "run, jennifer, run!" as soon as the door opened & i ran as fast as my snowpants, winter coat, & moon boots allowed me. amy wasn't burdened with all that added material and she caught me from behind in front of teddy & birdie's house. i fell back on top of her. she told me to get off & i replied, "no"......not wanting to get up for fear of what would happen next. after lieing there for 30 seconds i realized eventually i had to get up so i did.......and amy got up & ran home.
the moral of the story is..........a friend is a friend forever, no matter what!


Jerolyn said...

I am cracking up at the vision of you running in your snow suit and moon boots! Especially the moon boots. And how clever to ask the bus driver to sit on the steps and how unsafe for the bus driver to allow you to do it on what appeared to be a snowy slick day! Too funny!jer

Nathan Alan Johnson said...

This is Nate, Jen's brother, and I'd just like to clear-up the true moral of this story. Don't wear moon boots when running from bus to home. Your get-away speed is greatly impacted by them. And run in a zing-zang pattern if you must wear moon boots.