Monday, April 16, 2007

dennis in wales

dennis was in wales a few weeks ago working for hbo boxing via compubox. he was there to do punch stats for the joe calzaghe/peter manfredo fight. during the singing of our national anthem the crowd booed. how dare they! dennis said during the welsh anthem, the crowd belted it out at the top of their lungs. i wish everyone here did the same at sporting events for our anthem. unfortunately, i imagine that too many people don't know the words.
because of meetings, etc. he didn't get much time to take in the sites. he spent some time walking around and doing some other words, buying us some souvenirs! the kids got some cute clothes & each got a stuffed animal. i got a shirt that is really cute.....hopefully sometime this summer i'll get to wear it. yet again, my husband bought me a shirt a size too small. who should be more upset?? dennis, who thinks i don't appreciate his sentiment - or me, who doesn't really want to walk around with myself poured into a small shirt, circa britney spears 1999? (me without the flat belly of course.) any whoo....i'm going to the gym in the morning!!!