Friday, November 21, 2008

flashback friday...i knew that she was THE ONE!

these are pictures of maxie 8 years ago when we first got her. she was such a cutie! i was back in north dakota while on track break & had fallen in love with jackson, my dad's dog. he is a yorkie, and i had never known what one was before that. so that summer when i was home, mom & i were busy looking through the want ads, looking for yorkie puppies for sale. dennis & i had been looking in vegas but didn't feel it was right to spend almost $1000 on a pet. we were lucky to spot an ad for 3 mo. old yorkie puppies about 45 miles away from where my parents lived. mom & i headed there to see what we could find. it was a family who had bred their own yorkies to sell the puppies. as soon as we walked through the door, there were 3 puppies yapping & nipping at our feet. it was hard to decide which ball of fluff to choose. then i spotted a 4th puppy hiding in the shadows, taking everything in but too shy to participate. i knew right then & there that she was the one. so for a mere $150, we left that house with my first baby in tow. now, as you may have noticed, dennis has not been part of this story but is in the above picture. that is because he was in training camp with de la hoya at the time in big bear lake, ca. so the picture with dennis & maxie above is their first meeting ~ after i flew back to vegas with maxie & was back at our place for a bit, dennis drove back for a weekend to meet the new member of our family. you can see on the top & bottom of the trio of photos, it didn't take her long to make herself at home. maxie has always loved to snuggle in blankets & continues to do so to this day. all you have to do is take a blanket out & she's there!